Prakriti Ayurvedic Center 

"Hitaahitam sukham dukham ayustasya hitaahitam maanam ca tacca yatroktam ayurveda sa ucyate"
[caraka samhita, sutra sthanam]

"Life consists of condusive and non-condusive factors,that result in happiness and sadness. That which provides a measure of what is condusive and what is non-condusive to life, is termed AYURVEDA"

Ayurveda describes this positive health as a composite of physiological, mental, psychological and sensual well-being thus prescribing lifestyle, dietetics as well as mental and physical activities for maintenance of positive health.

Dinacarya or daily routines, Ritucarya or seasonal routines, incompatible food products, prescribed intake of food and duties, properties of various food products and so on are discussed in great detail in the classical Ayurvedic texts. Yogic discipline is an integral aspect of Ayurveda and is the tool for mind control.

As an Ayurvedict, it is imperative that a lifestyle and treatment plan is evolved for the care-seeker to ensure relief from ailments and preservation of POSITIVE HEALTH.

Ayurveda is a complete knowledge system gifted to mankind and hence the term Ayur-Veda or the Veda of Life. Within its folds rest the principles of good living which ensures maximum productive and healthy lifespan. All aspects of human life are meticulously stressed upon, relating the dos and donts and the effects it entails. Daily routines, seasonal routines, profession, eating habits, qualities of various substances, dietetics hygiene, birth and reproduction, prevention of diseases, diseases and its management, physiological anatomy of the human body, mind and its functions, pharmaceutics, emergency formulations, death and signs of imminent death, all share space within the portals of this life science.